Empowering Excellence in Project and Programme Management


Course Summary

In the realm of successful strategic outcomes, the role of trained project and programme management practitioners is paramount. However, the expanding involvement of professionals from diverse disciplines in projects has elevated the necessity for all managers to possess a solid grasp of sound project management principles. This meticulously crafted course caters to individuals engaged in project and programme delivery, particularly suited for public servants and project office personnel seeking to enhance their competencies and ensure project success.
The course serves to arm participants with pragmatic tools and techniques essential for identifying, formulating, strategizing, overseeing, and executing programmes and projects aligned with organizational objectives.  The course structure incorporates collaborative exercises on realistic, hands-on case studies, reinforcing your grasp of the subject matter. The toolkit and methodologies covered are designed to be adaptable, effectively catering to an organization's unique needs and circumstances, spanning from performance enhancement initiatives to intricate national capacity-building endeavours.  
Leading the course are experienced project management practitioners who have worked across diverse sectors and countries, and the curriculum encompasses insightful site visits.

Upon course completion, participants will have the proficiency to:  
 - Articulate, assess, blueprint, enact, and regulate programmes and projects to deliver strategic advantages to their organizations.
 - Competently oversee, monitor, and evaluate a spectrum of programmes and projects. Safeguard against prevalent causes of project failure through the application of best practices in project and programme management.
 - Establish a solid foundation of knowledge and competencies conducive to progressing towards professional project and programme qualifications, such as

- Demarcating project and programme scope to ensure alignment with organizational objectives.
- Techniques for identifying, scrutinizing, and effectively engaging with an array of project and programme stakeholders. Application of efficient methodologies for project planning, scheduling, and control. Identification and continual monitoring of benefits and risks.
- Navigating the intricacies of team management within a project environment.
- Systematic monitoring and comprehensive reporting of project progression. It's important to note that the course will be conducted exclusively in English.

Proficiency in both spoken and written English is a prerequisite for all delegates to derive maximal benefit from the course and actively participate in our interactive training approach.

Course Curriculum

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Jame Ligova

Programme Manager

This course has been an enlightening journey that transformed my approach to project and programme management, equipping me with invaluable skills for effective leadership and successful execution."

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